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Category : Nonapproval

Here, I rant against sham artists, making fun of their pathetic efforts.

Being very careful as I have to prove that I can do the same, better, or much worse !

The North Sea

A sad, bleak and gray winter day.

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Year 2016
Artwork type Painting
Feature Unique Piece !
Composition Acrylic paint on cotton canvas
Size  (W*H*D) 61 cm × 50 cm × 2 cm
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Story of this artwork

I wondered what the painter wanted to say.

Looking at it carefully, this painting made me think of the North Sea on a cold winter evening, overhung by heavy gray clouds that are reflected in the calm, still water.

Hence this monochromatic and monotonous tone, even if we can see traces of dark gray foam strewn here and there.

My friends tell me : « Your signature is a bit crooked ! »

To which I reply : « That day when I signed, I was like Arthur Rimbaud’s boat : drunk ! »

This item is part of sub-collection « I Do Not Agree ! »

The idea is to buy paintings made by so-called contemporary « artists », who are actually daubers !

Then, I express what they inspire in me, by painting over them, which makes them immediately more beautiful and more interesting.


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