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Category : Nonapproval

Here, I rant against sham artists, making fun of their pathetic efforts.

Being very careful as I have to prove that I can do the same, better, or much worse !

Rear Window

Indiscretions on pink gravel

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Year 2016
Artwork type Painting
Feature Unique Piece !
Composition Acrylic paint on cotton canvas
Size  (W*H*D) 46 cm × 55 cm × 2 cm
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Story of this artwork

This painting immediately reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's movie : « Rear Window »

That same oppressive atmosphere, a corner of the curtain that rises, and imagination doing the rest.

But, is it the fruit of our imagination or reality ?

This item is part of sub-collection « I Do Not Agree ! »

The idea is to buy paintings made by so-called contemporary « artists », who are actually daubers !

Then, I express what they inspire in me, by painting over them, which makes them immediately more beautiful and more interesting.


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