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Category : Nonapproval

Here, I rant against sham artists, making fun of their pathetic efforts.

Being very careful as I have to prove that I can do the same, better, or much worse !

Imperfect Monochrome

Oooppsss .... !

$ 28,241 (ex.Tax)

8 Pieces Available

Year 2004
Artwork type 3D Painting
Composition Acrylic paint on linen canvas
Size  (W*H*D) 50 cm × 65 cm × 2 cm
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Story of this artwork

Like all great artists, I had to make a monochrome !

This item is a tribute both to the brilliant « Alphonse Allais » and to his friend « Paul Bilhaud », who were the true inventors of monochromes in 1897 [1] long before « Yves Klein », but also in opposition to the importance and seriousness given to them since by the world of contemporary art [2].

My favorite work by Alphonse Allais is the one entitled : « Récolte de la tomate par des cardinaux apoplectiques au bord de la mer rouge ».

While I was in my studio, working to make my monochrome as perfect as possible, I took a step back to admire my work.

But when I approached to correct a slight defect, I stumbled over a tube of paint lying on the ground, and nearly fell. I caught myself at the last minute with my hand right in the middle of the painting .

At first I was dismayed, but upon closer examination, I realized that all the splashes of paint made this « imperfect monochrome » more than perfect !

The beauty of color now erupted from thousands of reflections of light !

Decidedly, Luck does things well.

Post-scriptum : Like all my artworks, this one is signed on the back, but the most observant of you will have noticed that I managed the unique feat of signing it also on the front (with clear acrylic gel, to respect the « monochrome rule » !)

I think I'm the only artist in the world who has dared to do so, but if you know of another, do not hesitate to tell me about it on my contact page.


Notes and references

1. « Album Primo-avrilesque »  on the B.N.F (National Library of France)

2. Wikipedia : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monochrome_painting



J 'aime tout simplement

J'aime la simplicité de cette oeuvre pourtant compliquée.

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