Artist Friends

Alain Guilloteau (as « AL1 »)

Fabulous street-artist, giant portrait illustrator (over 3 meters high) in pastel.

He came back from the dead which inspired him to launch his artistic career, thus bringing us great joy !

his website :
his biography :
his Facebook page : alain.guilloteau.3

Max Horde

Wonderful inventor of the « invisible art » concept.

Invisible art is indisputable, and in addition, it is beautiful !

his website :
his Facebook page : max.horde

Ben Vautier

Ben is a appalling character : authoritarian, despotic, even totalitarian, who drives his poor wife Annie up the wall (your servant, myself, as well), and the list of his faults is so long that it would unnecessarily lengthen this text but I’m forced to admit that :

  1. He is a man of his word who keeps his commitments, and  there are so few in this world, that I had to testify to this extremely high character trait !
  2. He's an artist who sometimes inspires me, like a muse.
  3. He sincerely loves art and artists.
  4. When he is nice and in a good mood, we spend wonderful moments together and we have a great time !

his website :
his Facebook page : ben.vautier.5

Alain Girelli

French sculptor, painter and performer, he lives and works in Fayence (Var - France)

He passed his woodworking CAP in 1966 and afterwards, he produced his first artwork : a high-backed throne chair, fitted with steps. This creation is made of wood assembled « with only one rasp as a tool ».

Stemming from his need to create, Girelli explores other dimensions in wood : driftwood or lacustrine wood cut during the full moon, which he leaves to dry after having removed the bark, Cade wood.

His first artworks already bore the mark of a style, a vision.

In 2000, Sister Emmanuelle had lunch at his home in Seillans. She was sitting on one of his tall chairs when a white cat, deaf and usually very wild, behaved surprisingly and climbed up to Sister Emmanuelle.

In 2007, inauguration of « Loplop, le supérieur des Oiseaux, endowed with a kind and fierce character » in tribute to Max Ernst, a throne designed for him.
The artist Pierre Pinoncelli sits there.

his Facebook page : alain.girelli